Your Soul is Rooting for You

Danielle LaPorte writes a blog I wouldn’t miss. On this day of Thanksgiving in the U.S., she reminds us “Your Soul is Rooting for You.”

I love this! Because today I am packing my car for a 4-day journey to Santa Fe and an unknown adventure which I am taking at the urging of my soul. My soul wants winter sunshine and a place of belonging . . . where my body feels good to live in, my heart expands, and my spirit soars. (My mind simply wants a rest.)

My sense is that our souls like nothing better than a good story and don’t give a whit whether answering the call to adventure makes any sense to the rational mind or the bank balance. So I like embarking with the idea that my soul is rooting for me. It wants me to live, to express, to explore, to find love and connection and live the life I came to live. And I imagine your soul wants pretty much the same thing.

Today may we be thankful for all our blessings, including the discomfort that comes with a soul that speaks to us in so many ways. Whether a whisper suggesting a friend may appreciate being at your table today or a shout that it is time to bust out of the comfort zone and open to a larger experience, remember your soul is rooting for you! As for me, I’m making Danielle’s post into a sign for my dashboard to remind me that the unlived life is not worth examining.

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